Top Reasons to Use Extracted Cannabis Vape Oil

In recent times, vaporized cannabis oil is used more by those who smoke weed than ever before. It sells more on the shelf to known users than weed joints are selling. This trend seems to be picking as most sellers and buyers of cannabis oil are raising a belief that cannabis vape co2 extract oil is the future of the weed market. Looking at the statistics of vape oil consumption, this might be so true. If it is so, what is making the extracted cannabis vape oil become a darling to many consumers? Let us take a look at why many are liking it

Less harsh than smoking cigarette

cannabisUnlike cigarette smoke that is dry and irritates the lungs, vaping is soft to the lungs. Cigarette smoke is a major cause of lung cancer while weed smoke has been known to cause lung problems like bronchitis. Vaping, on the other hand, has no such problems to the user. This makes it loved by those who use it as they know no problems will follow after they use it.

Regular dosage

Technology has made it possible to prevent the problem of knowing how much cannabis oil to use per session. Pre-dosed cartridges are being made for vaporizers to help users consume small doses at regular intervals. Unlike dry smoked weed which may at times go beyond the required level of use, provision of pre-dosed cartridges has made it all the more popular.

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Cannabis vape pens are an easy way to kick out stress and anxiety during the tough time of the day. Vape oil does not produce the “high” feeling produced by the herb itself. This makes it a great companion to the user as it does not bring in the “high” effect which is not recommended in the work environment. So with straining work environments, a vape pen will be handy to take care of the pressure and tense moments one faces.

No doctor’s prescription needed

marijuanaWith vape oil, you don’t need the doctor to provide you with a prescription. This eases the process when placing your order. You can order as much and have it delivered to your home. Unless your state has prohibitions, walking into a shop and getting as much as you need will not require any doctor’s math or state permissions

Personal convenience

The size of your vaporizers is a perfect piece to carry, refill in public, and easy to use without the worry of odor. It produces very little odor that won’t stay on your clothes nor leave you with stained teeth as smoky cigarettes do. For cities that do a crackdown of smoking in public due to the harsh and disturbing smoke, cannabis vape oil comes off as steam and will not cause such kind of a public disturbance that would land you behind bars. It is safe to smoke in public at any time

As said, the future of cannabis is vape; this already sounds true considering the reasons above and the already visible statistics of its use.…